Chosen Roaster, Inc.

Hello and welcome to Chosen Roaster.

Greetings from the folks at Chosen Roaster.  We are happy you dropped by for a visit!  We all work together at Chosen Roaster to run a locally-owned nut roasting company nestled in a small town called Waxhaw, NC.  Our mission is to bring you the best dry roasted nuts you've ever tasted.

Speaking of nuts, we wonder if you have ever tasted a real freshly roasted nut?  We don't think so, and here's why.  When we started Chosen Roaster, our idea was to introduce our customers to freshly roasted nuts just like the ones we remember from our childhood.  When we were kids, our families would go into town and there was a little nut shop that roasted nuts fresh every day.  The aroma made our mouths water, and boy were they delicious! We realized no one does that anymore . . . until now! 

That's right.  We  hand-roast peanuts, cashews, almonds, walnuts and pumpkin seeds (and more) to create a delicious, unforgettable natural treat.  We also combine the nuts with other naturally dried fruits to create a much more delicious trail mix.  And, now we're using Himalayan salt for all our salted products in order to add even more health benefits.

Our roasting method begins with premium nuts, such peanuts that are super large and cashews that are jumbo sized.  We roast the nuts in a unique fashion, using only essential oils, which results in a slightly darker nut than what you have may have seen.  Our roasting method creates a taste unlike anything you have experienced before, but just like what we remember from our childhood. (Our nuts are great with or without salt.)

Discover what a difference a real, roasted nut can be!  Visit today and search for Chosen Roaster to place an order.